Pop-Up. Everyone from the big brands to micro-biz newbies are using it. It’s become a buzzword in the artisan business community.  What is a pop-up and why does it matter? 

Basically, “pop-up” denotes a business, storefront, market (etc.) that is intended to operate for a short period of time. Here today, gone tomorrow. The modern trend of pop-up, flash or temporary retail is said to have originated in Japan, where insatiable consumers would rush to purchase limited edition, rare, and freshly launched products. The concept was brought to the States in the late 1990s, and took off from there. 


Today pop-ups are, well, popping up all over. These temporary shopping experiences generate the curiosity and excitement of something new and ephemeral, while giving business owners the chance to showcase their offerings in a low-cost, low-commitment retail environment. Pop-ups offer lots of potential benefits to businesses of any size, and can be a great way to sell, sample, and connect with your customers. In fact, there are lots of reasons why your business might consider a pop-up…

  • To generate interest/ excitement/ urgency 
  • To engage customers and influencers in an exclusive, interactive environment
  • To generate revenue
  • To generate social currency and brand awareness
  • As part of a marketing strategy
  • To launch/ test/ debut a new business or a new product or service
  • To test a product, location, market etc.
  • To try out your business in a retail environment
  • To capture seasonal attention and foot traffic
  • + more!

Pop-ups are a growing trend in the business world, and one that is accessible for ventures of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to generate sales, increase brand awareness, sample a new offering or engage with your customers, pop-ups are a low-cost, low-commitment option—the biggest bang for your buck. 

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