Does something specific come to mind? Some of you out there will have a clear idea of what is next and where you’re heading. Others may not be able to see beyond the constant hustle of running a small business. We were curious about the goals of handmade entrepreneurs, so we polled our circle of makers, movers and shakers for some insight. Here is what 25 artisans and small business owners have to say about their #smallbiz goals. 


Nook 2 Nook polled The Nooks’ Makers Hub, a community of 106 artisans and handmade entrepreneurs at various stages of their #smallbiz journey. We asked, “What are your small biz #goals?” and put together a number of poll options with the opportunity to add others. Each person could only select one. Out of 106 makers and small business owners polled, 25 chose to participate. Here are the results…




The main #smallbiz goal in this group of makers and entrepreneurs is to improve their retail presence. As they are all participants in the Nooks’ artisan retail spaces, this makes sense. Keeping retail on point and top of mind is vital, especially going into the holiday season. The next most popular choices are perhaps the most telling: improving branding and social media, followed by improving web presence. Forming a cohesive brand and message across all platforms is obviously a primary concern for small businesses that have a great product line but need to spread the word. “Create a new product” garnered one vote, and the only option that received no interest was “Improve an Existing Product”. This speaks to both the stage that these businesses are at and the need for promotion and sales over creation. It is important to keep things fresh, but clearly the priority lies in branding, selling and publicizing what is already happening. 

Where are you at in your #smallbiz journey? What are your #goals?