Running a workshop or event can be a great avenue to promote you and your business and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Workshops give you direct access to your customer base, and offer an opportunity to build your reputation within the community.

Workshops are a great way to introduce you and your craft/skill/business/expertise to the community. Think about running a workshop as a marketing opportunity. It’s a low-commitment, relatively low-cost and low-risk environment to introduce yourself, debut new products or services, and more. Here are some benefits to running a workshop or seminar:

  1. Build your reputation as a reliable expert in your field;
  2. Expand your network and grow your list (don’t forget to follow up!);
  3. Grow your client base and zero in on your target market;
  4. Generate revenue through product or ticket sales;
  5. Create fun, educational opportunities for people to engage with you and your business!

Ask yourself, “How can this event further my long-term goals? How do I want the community to perceive me/ my business?”. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself and business in a context you create. Make the most of it!

When planning a workshop or event for the first time, there are lots of things to think about. A successful workshop comes down to planning and providing value to attendees. We can help! When you book an event with the Nooks, we offer our free Nooks Event Toolkit to help you plan and execute the best event possible. Check out our STUDIO by the Nooks venue and email for details.