Small businesses often think of branding as being strictly for big business, or as something that a company grows into. However, as a small business, understanding branding and establishing a strong, distinct brand is an important step.


Branding is the process of defining and differentiating your company’s image, reputation and purpose. Your brand is comprised of visual and message consistency (ex. logo, consistent design and language across all platforms and medias), but more importantly it is your business’s overall personality. Your brand is how your customer experiences and interacts with the company you’ve created, so it should be reflective of what you want to tell them and project a persona which evokes a particular emotional and intellectual response from your target audience.


Your brand should connect to the goals and purpose of your company. Think about any major company or franchise. What does their name conjure up? What do you know about them right away? A strong brand creates a clear picture of what a company is all about. When a customer sees your card, visits your website, interacts with your social media, talks to you or an employee—what do you want them to understand and experience, to know and believe about your business? This is what your branding should project across the board, from your logo and text through digital mediums, print, products and services, pricing, quality, customer interactions with staff, choice of partnerships and business alliances, and anything else your target audience will associate with you.

Your brand tells the world everything they need to know, feel and believe about your company. Consistent, effective branding can help you build your reputation, attract and retain devoted customers, gain referrals, frame your future business goals and plans, and so much more. Branding is a powerful tool, and one every small business should harness. Are you ready to #buildyourbrand?

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