When deciding on colours for your small business, colour may be more important than you think. Different colours elicit different psychological responses in people, making colour a potent tool for influencing perceptions and even driving sales.


Red is a power colour. It creates a sense of urgency, evokes feelings of desire, passion, and excitement, and is associated with the root chakra. It stimulates the body, sparking appetite, heightening blood pressure and heart rate. Red is the most popular colour in marketing. Look at any shelf in a grocery store, and the predominant colour will most likely be red. Use this colour for sale items, impulse buys, and anytime you want to get people excited about what you’re offering.


Orange is all about energy! Associated with the sacral chakra, this colour connects with that “fire in the belly” and “gut feeling”-- attention, impulse, risk, innovation. As such this colour can denote warmth and optimism, but also caution and anxiety. Used correctly, it’s a great colour to drive excitement about a new product or sale, create urgency, and show that your company is on the cutting edge.


Yellow is a classic, generally cheerful colour associated with playfulness, attention, confidence and optimism but also danger and anxiety. It’s connected to the solar plexus chakra, which is all about the dualities of fire and sunshine. Use yellow to draw customers in with a sense of curiosity and urgency.


Green is connected with nature and the earth, health, wealth, warmth, goodwill, groundedness, the heart chakra, and harmony. It has a relaxing quality, stimulating harmony in the brain and encouraging decisiveness. It is often used in marketing to promote relaxation and environmental values. Use this colour for “eco” and health-related products, charity ventures and spa environments.


Blue is a calming colour, connected with water, peace, security, ease, communication, the throat chakra, and trustworthiness. Often preferred by men, it reduces appetite and stimulates productivity. This colour is favoured by conservative brands and businesses looking to build trust, such as insurance companies.


Purple is connected with the crown chakra, stimulating problem solving and creativity.  It is the colour of royalty and wealth, often connected with wisdom, respect, class, beauty and creativity. Purple denotes quality, elegance and luxury. Use this colour in health and beauty products, high end offerings and endeavours involving art, creativity and academics.

Colour is a subconscious language that is universal, and a valuable tool for small business. What do your colours say about your business?