It’s easy to forget, you are human. 


Even with all of the responsibilities, the deadlines, the making and posting and emailing to be done-- you have limits. While there’s definitely those who advocate the “coffee, hustle, repeat” model of entrepreneurship, it seems that more and more evidence supports a more balanced approach.


Would you put your goals and dreams on autopilot? That’s exactly what happens when you push through without awareness of your limits, bypassing your body’s many cries for respite. While pounding a coffee and carrying on with a 20 hour workday might seem like a strategy for success, science is proving otherwise. Pushing harder can make you forgetful, foggy, more likely to make mistakes and less efficient, while dedicated downtime can make you happier, more focused and even increase productivity


Evidence increasingly supports the idea that much of your most important, inspired work is done during downtime, when your brain is at rest. Not composing your next communication, not checking social media-- unplugged and relaxed. When you give yourself a brain break, you’re actually recharging your mind, giving it the time it needs to recoup processes, make connections, draw on inspiration, clarify, retain and sort information, etc.  In other words, letting your mind wander can lead to your next epiphany!




As Elizabeth Gilbert said, “A life has been entrusted to you. That life is your own. Please treat it with tenderness.” In the busy bustle of everyday, it’s easy to forget that you are a living being in need of care and consideration. Your precious life is whatever you make of it, so make it a priority to practice self-care. It’s important to take time for what you value, be it family, friends, travel, adventure, relaxation… but most vitally, to create space to realign and remember who you are. 


So plan your next getaway, take an impromptu day off, or just give yourself permission to be with yourself in nature. You’ll thank yourself for it!