Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend is coming up, which has us meditating on gratitude and what it means to be thankful as a small business. The entrepreneurial life is a busy one full of highs and lows. Especially in the low times, it can be difficult to find the gratitude. However, even in those dark moments, sometimes all it takes is one sale, one good review, one affirming comment to make it all feel worth it. So we ask,

As a small business, how do you thank your customers? 


Customers are the essence of any business, and it is important to give back to the people who invest in you, build you up and help make your dreams a reality. Here are a few ideas to show your customers some appreciation. 

  • The Loyal Treatment- Show your appreciation for customer loyalty! Reward frequent spenders with special discounts and promotions, givebacks, value-adds, loyalty points and exclusive events. 
  • Celebrate Good Times- Mark milestones, holidays and accomplishments with the people that helped you to get where you are today. Hold a party, celebration, promotion (etc.) to connect with your customers and show them some love. 
  • Connect and Give Back- Your customer community are invested in you and your business. Show them you’re invested in them! Volunteer in your community, donate products or services to local shelters, schools and community organizations, and get out to meet your customers! Send personal thank you notes, address communications by first name, and check in for more than just business. Connect sincerely and with purpose, whether online or in person. People love to know who and what they’re supporting!

As you’re counting your blessings this Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to count your customers among them. After all, gratitude is the attitude that gives you latitude!


Happy Thanksgiving!

tara jeronimus