In the greyness of winter it can be hard to feel creative. Despite the general “bleh” going around makers still gotta make, so what can be done to relight the creative spark?

Adding new colours and ideas into the creative process is a great way to bring some newness into the same-old. Looking to current trends can give makers the inspiration they need to create and innovate.  Here are 3 #trending colour concepts to enlighten your 2018!

Purple Haze

Every year Pantone selects a Colour of the Year that captures the trends and moods of the moment. This colour is used by brands the world over to inspire and infuse their offerings. 2018’s Colour of the Year is PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet, a cosmic, bold yet enigmatic shade of purple that’s sure to enliven your winter blahs. Loved by famous artists like Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, Ultra Violet speaks to the limitless creative potential in all of us. To embrace this trend, pull out the purples and rock the blue-based shades. Blend with deep, moody neutrals for an aura of mystery; mix with navys, pinks, yellows and peaches for a whimsical yet grounded palette, or pair with dusty desert tones for a mesa-inspired look. Purple is a perfect Valentine’s hue (and amethyst is February’s birthstone!). Incorporate juicy splashes of Ultra Violet into your love-inspired offerings for an on-trend February that’s unforgettably bold. 

In the Deep

Coming out of the home décor sphere, colour trends include deep greys and indigo blacks that both ground and lend presence to a space. Evoking modernism and minimalism, these deep shades call for light, bright pairings, natural materials, geometric shapes, rustic metals (copper, brass) and whimsical accents. Cool, deep shades connect with nurturing, self-care, calm and simplicity. Use these colours to infuse your offerings with an easy grace that is simply timeless. 

Beautifully Bold

2018 is the year of bold! From bright, assured reds, pinks and oranges to rich navys and lush, tropical hues, the message for 2018 is don’t fear the vibrant. In a time of uncertainty and fluidity, brave hues represent a breath of fresh air. Embrace the trend with eye-catching pops of colour and bold combinations (think bright primaries + Ultra Violet). Let your true colours shine!

2018 is the year of bold

... be it startling Ultra Violet, deep moody tones, or blazing brights. Shake off your winter blahs and embrace the colour trends of 2018 to inspire and enliven your handmade offerings.

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