#LOVELOCAL MAKER FEATURE // Telecia Knight of Asili Naturals


Tell us about you and what role 'hand-made' plays in your life…

My name is Telecia Knight.  Hand-made for me is a tool of self-preservation. Knowledge about what you’re consuming is key to your health. I realized that dealing with and creating hand made goods creates simplicity in a world of chaos. You know what is in your products, how they’re created and you sometimes create connections with the creator.  It’s a beautiful thing. 

What is something fun/ interesting/ personal about you and your business?

A year ago, I would have described myself as shy and conservative but running my own business opened up facets of my personality that I wasn’t aware of.  I am creative and artistic…who knew?

My business commits itself to providing all-natural skincare made by me with simple, toxic free ingredients.

How did you get interested in becoming a maker? What do you love about it?

At the age of 36 years I laid down on my stomach to sleep and felt a large mass. The following morning, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor which later revealed that I had a fibroid which left me with a 23-week size uterus—my uterus was the size of someone 5.8 months pregnant.

After receiving my fibroid diagnosis, I started to research possible causes and preventative measures that I could take. In my research I found that many products that we use daily are contain toxic chemicals and are believed to contribute negatively to our health. It is this knowledge that led me to read product labels.  However, I became overwhelmed trying to decrypt listed product ingredients; I just wanted something simpler.  I started researching how to make my own hair and skincare items.  Over time I started to get orders from friends, which resulted in the creation of Asili Naturals.

What is it that you specialize in within the crafting/handmade goods world?

I specialize in making all-natural skincare using simple, toxic free ingredients.

  • Bath Soaks
  • Face Masks
  • Body Butters/Body Oil
  • Face Oil
  • Face Scrub

Describe your artistic community and how you think people in your community see you...

I am new to the artistic community but I would describe it as supportive, collaborative and loving.  I think my community sees Asili Naturals as a business with quality ingredients that offers great customer service. 

What stories do you have or struggles have you overcome that will encourage the development and strengthen the identity of the Canadian-crafted industry?

As a new business, I don’t have enough experience to give an example of how my struggles can assist the development and strength of the Canadian-crafted industry.  Right now I am learning how to capture the beauty of my products online and building my brand.

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