MAKER STORIES // Zakiyyah Alexander of Zakiyyah Luxury Organics


1. Tell us about you and what role 'hand-made' plays in your life…

I am a kitchen alchemist with a passion for healing and a love of fragrance. My path to crafting beauty products did not start here.  My initial journey started at the Fashion School, which exposed me to the world of beauty and design.  This has served me well in the visual aspect of my line today.

I come from a creative entrepreneurial family-- grandparents who made livelihoods with their hands cobbling and molding, a mother who displayed true pride in her natural beauty, and a father with an incessant need for melodic perfection. They all inspired me to create an organic beauty line that is for me the essence of health and healing. 

True joy for me is creating my products by hand, as was taught to me by my grandparents. Handmade to me is so unique and special, as I get to leave details of me in the world. This for me is a beautiful thing!

2. What is something fun, interesting and/or personal about you and your business?

My beauty line is inspired by childhood memories, of musk, the smell of herbs and toasted coconuts.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the natural products my mother used to beautify our her hair and skin with and my grandmother’s healing potions plucked right from her garden. These memories have always stuck with me and now I try and find ways to incorporate beauty and healing in everything I do. 

3. How did you get interested in becoming a maker? What do you love about it?

I was born to create and being a maker is who I am. What I love about being a maker is the freedom of expression.  It’s such a rewarding feeling when you see your inner ideas unfold and hear about the people you have touched with your creations.

4. What is it that you specialize in within the crafting/handmade goods world?

I specialize in making organic beauty products that heal, nourish and rejuvenate the skin, body and hair.  My beauty line consists of ingredients that are infused with essential oils, herbal extracts and rich butters and oils.

5. Describe your artistic community and how you think people in your community see you... 

My community is vibrant, eclectic and spiritual. We are artists, fashion designers, stylists, drummers, dancers and so much more. We come together to inspire, encourage and nurture our experiences of struggle and triumph. We all share a common goal and that is to inspire good in the world.  In my community, I am observed as part and the same as the whole in manifesting our common purpose.

6. What stories do you have or struggles have you overcome that will encourage the development and strengthen the identity of the Canadian-crafted industry?

I come with courage! My courage bends but it is unwavering through the challenges I face everyday on this glorious path. I also come with purpose, purpose of faith. Faith that defines my determination and persistence to keep forging forward. I live by this every day and share these experiences with my children and my community in hopes that the lessons that I have learned may be little nuggets of wisdom for those on a healing, beautiful path. This excites me and inspires the future of Zakiyyah Luxury Organics!

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