Tell us a bit about your small business...

So my name is Aieron Munro, and I am the founder/owner of we-gon-tawk apparel. This concept grew from a joke I had with my friends. Whenever we needed to talk, whether it be serious talk, joking, loud or soft exchanges, we would always say to each other, “WE GON TAWK”. I decided to turn this phrase into a platform for freedom of expression, for using one’s voice. I was inspired to use apparel to broadcast my message simply because everyone needs to wear clothes, so why not display a positive message on that clothing – one that is much needed in today’s world. My hope is that people will feel inspired to express themselves, to use their voices.  Our apparel is a reminder to do just that.

What in your business are you passionate about?

What I am most passionate about with my business is delivering a positive message. The message of expressing yourself freely is one that I believe is much needed. TAWK speaks to individuals striving to find their voice, to gain the confidence to speak up on various topics, such as social issues, and to people who have been taught or treated as if they don’t have a voice. The expression of We Gon Tawk is laughter, tawk’n, singing, dancing, creating poetry, and so on. It’s the idea of discovering and staying true to YOUR voice.

What is something fun/personal/interesting about you or your small business?

The interesting thing is that this business has grown from a simple idea which I jotted down in my notebook. I’ve never been in business before and I’ve had to learn as I go. I am pretty much self-taught, learning everything from the business side of things, such as marketing and sales, to the creative design side. The fun part for me is coming up with different designs for my apparel, and then seeing the finished product, once it’s printed, and the happiness it brings my customers. I don’t think that excitement will ever go away.

What does being a small Canadian business mean to you?

As someone who moved to the “Danny” neighborhood just a few years ago, I initially paid little attention to the whole “shop local” or “support local” slogans. That changed the longer I stayed in the neighborhood. I discovered lots of cool places to shop, eat, and hang out – all within a small radius – and feel no need to leave, unless it’s for a vacation.

I’ve realized that operating a small Canadian business is beneficial to our local economy and helps the community sustain itself, all while generating that positive close-knit feeling amongst us. My business has given me the opportunity to become acquainted with so many interesting people in the neighbourhood, and I know “We Gon Tawk” a lot more as the weather warms up in the Danny!

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