Tell us a bit about you and your #smallbiz…

My art is based on a fictitious world which reflects my thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of this one.

I share this world through illustrations, making small collectables, and decorations. Whatever catches interest, or a thought in my mind. I create in a hand-drawn style with a lot of detail!

What about your business are you passionate about?

There is passion for being able to express oneself through creation, and being able to meet and discover other people who share similar ideas and strong visions is inspiring!  Many artists have strong passions, thoughts, and being able to connect with them and share conversation with is exciting and gives you new perspectives, and can challenge you to see things differently.

What is something fun/ interesting/ personal about you and your business?

Through my illustration, I try to create a sense of having travelled to another place, coming back with drawings, field notes, like a study of a foreign location.  I love giving my art a “handmade” look to it and don’t mind working on random mediums, and scraps of fabric.

What does being a Canadian small business mean to you?

Being a small Canadian business, just starting out, means helping each other as artists.  Being able to support one another as a creative community makes us stronger as artists and helps us keep motivated and inspired.

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