Tell us about your #smallbiz...

Handcrafted and re-imagined to perfection, LNA is a brand that thrives on upcycling vintage items into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art! 

What about your small business are you passionate about?

LNA's main mission is to bring awareness to the public regarding the wastefulness of our consumerist society, where we are obsessed with tossing things away without a second thought about if it is still useful, where it goes and what potential impact it will have on our planet. With this in mind, LNA embraces and promotes a non-wasteful ideology by celebrating creativity, vintage and art— via upcycling!

What is something fun/ interesting/ personal about you + your business?

Most of my vintage materials used for making LNA pieces were passed down from my great-grandparents. In the early 1920s-30s, they started an atelier specializing in intricate beadwork and tailoring. My ribbons, buttons and beads are leftovers from their business' stock. It makes me feel so proud to be able to work with the same items/materials they did, but in a new, more modern way, and it also allows me, as their great-granddaughter, to continue their legacy as an artisan.


What does being a Canadian small business mean to you? 

It's really cool to see the diversity of materials and people I encounter day to day. Many of us Canadians all found a home within this country and I, as a first generation Canadian, am very proud of the diversity Canada possesses and the acceptance of so many different cultures and being able to live together harmoniously. Just like the people of Canada, my materials are equally as diverse in all the stories they have to tell. One way or another, they find their way to Canada— and then into my workshop. Whether it's a story about how it made its way to Canada, or how it belonged to a cherished loved one, or was an embellishment on a beloved piece of clothing, these are all the little elements that LNA, as a small Canadian business, embraces wholeheartedly and thrives on.



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