Succulent close up
succulent arrangement

Tell us a bit about you and your #smallbiz…

I recently started my business Michelle Venedam. I am currently focused on succulent and tropical plant arrangements, but I hope to one day expand to other green and floral ventures such as cut flowers arrangements, events and maybe even plant parties. I have been working at a garden centre since high school. It started out as a part time job and eventually expanded to a full blown passion for all things growing. After about 12-13 years being employed at a greenhouse, I decided it was time to get to work on my own dream. Last summer my dad built me my very own greenhouse to propagate my succulents. I let my creativity grow and everything has taken off since. I mostly sell through my Facebook page @michellesucculent, however I’m hoping to vend at more maker markets and pop ups in the future. I’m newly married and so excited to start this next chapter with my husband. He’s my biggest supporter! We can now focus on being creative and growing this business together. 

What about your business are you passionate about? 

I love sharing my knowledge of plants with people and teaching them new things they might not have known before, especially in regards to succulents. I really love the joy that plants bring to people. Any time people need advice about their plants I’m so pleased to help them. I know how happy these plants make me, so anytime I can share that with someone, i will.

What is something fun/ interesting/ personal about you and your business?

I get a lot of help with my business from my family and my husband. They have been so supportive every step of the way. I couldn’t believe it when my dad built my beautiful greenhouse for me! I also don't drive, so having them offer to take me all over the place to get my planters out there has been a major help. They have really made it possible for my little hobby to become so much more! When I’m not puttering around in my greenhouse I really enjoy photography, especially capturing flowers in bloom and succulents right after they have been watered. 

What does being a Canadian small business mean to you?

Being a Canadian small business really means everything to me. I can now be my own boss in an industry that I am so passionate about. Being able to get as creative as I want with my work and have my own name on it, well, it doesn’t get much better than that. Seeing people’s positive reactions to something I have made makes me want to keep making and creating. I love it.

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