with Tiara Chutkhan of Crafty Crab Creations

Create adorable little Hello Kitty charms out of polymer clay with this DIY tutorial! Learn how with Nook 2 Nook feature artist Tiara of Crafty Crab Creations.


STEP 1: For this tutorial you will need Premo polymer clay in the colour Frost White Glitter. Roll two medium size balls of the glitter clay. Mix one with a colour of your choice. Here I’m using pink to create a glittery pink colour. 

STEP 2: Roll your white glitter ball into an oval and the coloured ball into a cone shape. These will make up the head and body. 

STEP 3: Attach the two pieces to create the base of your Hello Kitty. 

STEP 4: Taking a small piece of white glitter clay, roll it into a cylinder shape and cut in half. 

STEP 5: Pinch the tips a little to create Hello Kitty’s ears and place them on the head. Use a needle tool to blend the ears on. 

STEP 6: Taking a small ball of your coloured glitter clay, split it into two pieces and roll each into a teardrop or cone shape. Add them to the sides of the body to make the sleeves of Hello Kitty’s outfit. 

STEP 7: Roll four tiny balls of white glitter clay. Use two for her hands and two for her feet. When attaching them to the body, press them on so they flatten. 

STEP 8: Using a needle tool, make two indents on the face where the eyes will go. Roll two tiny balls of black clay into oval shapes and place them in the indents. 

STEP 9: Use a tiny ball of yellow clay for the nose. Roll into an oval and place onto the face. 

STEP 10: For the bow, I made my coloured glitter clay a little darker than the body. Using a small piece, roll it into a ball and then split it into two equal halves. Press them down into two flat circles. 

STEP 11: Take a third smaller piece of the clay and place it in the middle of the two. Use a dotting tool to indent both the sides of your bow. 

STEP 12: Place the bow securely on the head. Roll two small balls of white glitter clay, one for the tail and one for the neck. 

STEP 13: Place one ball on the back of your Hello Kitty and flatten it. That will be the tail. 

STEP 14: Take the other ball and flatten it into an oval shape. Use a blade to cut it in half and place the piece just below the head. 

STEP 15: If your clay is a little dirty, take a Q-tip and some nail polish to clean off any dust. 

STEP 16: Add an eyepin and bake according to your packages instructions. Finish with some glaze, and you’ve got your very own Hello Kitty glitter charm! 

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