In 2014 I was looking for something to do that would allow me to be a stay-at-home parent after my second child was born. I originally had the idea to make Saskatchewan-shaped pillows a year earlier, but life has a habit of getting in the way so I just put it on the back burner. 

As I was nearing the end of my pregnancy I realized that it was now or never, so I bought an embroidery machine from Kijiji, sketched out some maps, designed some labels and found a place to have my fabric printed. I was 36 weeks pregnant when I made my first cushion. 
It's nearly 2 years later and I have sold over 1500 cushions!


Hey! My name is Alicia Zofia and I am a self-taught artist specializing in watercolour painting. My style can be described as a unique combination of realism with an abstract sense of colour. Although I mainly paint with watercolours, I have an irrefutable passion for all things colourful and creative, and I love to play and experiment with all forms of artistic expression!

I only recently moved to Toronto and I feel so grateful that I was able to become involved with the NOOKS community this summer. I travel and move around a lot, so having the opportunity to connect with like-minded artists and artisans so quickly after relocating to a new city has been amazing and inspiring. I have had a difficult time remaining sedentary up until this point in my life, and although a nomadic sort of lifestyle has served me well by stimulating new artistic inspiration and prompting me to focus more on self-development and self-love, I can’t stop dreaming of finally having a more permanent place to paint, create, and call home. Who knows, maybe Toronto is that place of my dreams!


All of my designs are inspired by mantras, which are quotes from some of my most favourite books and each collection (jewelry season) is inspired by the book those quotes come from. I began with Alice in Wonderland (which is where my flamingo logo comes from) and and I just finished off The Alchemist for my Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Each collection has cohesive elements from the novel. For example, Alice in Wonderland was filled with light, innocent and loving stones like Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Chrysocholla, Citrine, Amethyst with accent elements like hearts, teapots and charms with other whimsical elements. The Alchemist was filled with circular elements and tassels to compliment the plot of the novel with warm, adventurous stones like Sunstone, Turquoise, Citrine, Labradorite and Amazonite.


From the beginning I sought to define the Faire de la Mode brand as an inclusive sisterhood, a celebration of girl power, representative of women of all backgrounds and orientations-- something I found lacking in the fashion industry and have personally experienced myself as a woman of colour.


I'm Heidi-Marie, the founder of LuAna's Bookshelf. LuAna's Bookshelf is dedicated to raising money for schools all over the world by empowering children to help take control of their own education. I travel the world with and find poor schools in desperate need of funding. Together with the children of these schools, I create a storybook to sell and raise money for their school. No two books are the same. Every illustration within the book is a collaboration, each element drawn by different children from the school. The books also contain special elements relating to the specific country they were created in, and each book is printed both in English and the language of the children printed just below, allowing the reader to experience the many languages of this world. By being part of the creation of these books, the children feel that they are in control of their education and their future.  


I believe in giving my customers a soap that is made with love and respect for the natural environment. I think that people really need to start working together and taking responsibility to make nature cleaner. I am passionate about connecting with people and sharing my beautiful soap with them.  


Ave Mariabell Designs is a series of minimalist, city skyline designs. The designs unite people together by celebrating cities that we love, and cities that have changed our lives. You can take a piece of the city you love home with you, whether it is a large-scale wall decal, canvas print or gift item. Inspired by the minimalism, geometry and colour palette of the traditional shoji screen, Ave Mariabell's city skylines look fabulous in a Scandinavian or Japanese inspired home. 


Interestingly enough I never dreamed of selling my art as a business. It blossomed from a hobby into a small little business because of the feedback and support of family and friends. I have 2 boys and have been lucky enough to dedicate my time to raising them. Now that they are more independent, I have more time to work on my art. With the piles of art growing around the house, a friend encouraged me to contact a local store to see if they would be interested in selling some of my pieces and that is where Anita Shiels Art started.


We’re The Night Baker and we make handmade gourmet cookies for delivery. We are a husband and wife baking duo and have been delivering all around Toronto to satisfy cookie cravings while spreading the #cookielove.


Fast forward to 2017. I remember macrame from being a child of the 70’s and 80’s. We had some in our home as well, and so when my mom asked me to make her some plant hangers, I was up for the challenge. I taught myself a few knots (thank you YouTube) and from there I was hooked.

I started making wall hangings and plant hangers, and opened my Etsy shop in 2017. Soon I started making necklaces for myself. They were fun little projects that I enjoyed making and wearing. When people started asking me about them, I knew I was onto something. Now I mostly make fiber jewellery.


I love sharing my knowledge of plants with people and teaching them new things they might not have known before, especially in regards to succulents. I really love the joy that plants bring to people. Any time people need advice about their plants I’m so pleased to help them. I know how happy these plants make me, so anytime I can share that with someone, i will.


As a young child, I always felt a special connection to nature. My childhood playground was the large forest/conservation area behind my home. As I got older, this connection has only become more and more intense. I would now consider environmentalism the single most important thing in my life. Taking care of the Earth truly affects every single decision I make. This is where Dirt & Divine comes in. For the last few years, I had envisioned an eco-conscious collective where the importance of protecting and connecting with Mother Nature was emphasized. Then, after my trip to Yosemite National Park in June of 2017, my drive finally jump-started. I wanted to take the feeling I had while looking at the tall trees, the mountains, and over-flowing waterfalls home with me. This is how Dirt & Divine began.