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Tell us a bit about you and your #smallbiz…

Hi! My name is Dev and I am the founder of Dirt & Divine. As a young child, I always felt a special connection to nature. My childhood playground was the large forest/conservation area behind my home. As I got older, this connection has only become more and more intense. I would now consider environmentalism the single most important thing in my life. Taking care of the Earth truly affects every single decision I make. This is where Dirt & Divine comes in. For the last few years, I had envisioned an eco-conscious collective where the importance of protecting and connecting with Mother Nature was emphasized. Then, after my trip to Yosemite National Park in June of 2017, my drive finally jump-started. I wanted to take the feeling I had while looking at the tall trees, the mountains, and over-flowing waterfalls home with me.

This is how Dirt & Divine began.

Each item is embedded in energy, resources, and messages to bring this feeling into the homes of others.

What about your business are you passionate about?

Everything! Dirt & Divine is truly a total reflection of my soul. Each product is made with mindful and cosmic intentions. However, my biggest passion is writing. In the last few years, about 85% of what I write is Earth-related.

What is something fun/ interesting/ personal about you and your business?

I will be releasing a poetry zine within the next few months that focuses on how eco-spirituality has helped me cope with my PTSD, depression and anxiety, which have in the past been debilitating. I have opened myself up in such a loving way to myself, others, and the planet.

What does being a Canadian small business mean to you?

Being a Canadian small business means two things to me: growth and support. Canada, and more specifically, Toronto, has a flourishing wellness market. It is becoming more and more accessible to live a holistic lifestyle, which I am a passionate advocate for. However, I believe there is sometimes a lack of environmental awareness in this community. Plastic pollution is destroying our planet, but natural, eco-friendly companies continue to use plastic. Not because they don’t care about the planet, but because finding completely plastic-free packaging and resources is extremely difficult.

I want to change the game. I want to sustainable alternatives to be readily available. Our country deserves it.

Support is such a vital aspect to any functioning system. I have discovered so many amazing, beneficial businesses since starting my own, and got to connect with all of the beautiful faces behind them. I just turned 22 in March and, when I started Dirt & Divine about 8 months ago, I didn’t know a thing about business or how to run one. Everyone that I have reached out to for advice has been nothing but willing to offer it.

Supporting these local and small businesses is so important to me. All of my resources, such as jars for candles, tins for lip balm, or crystals are sustainably sourced from Canadian companies. Before I began attending markets as a vendor, I went constantly as a shopper (and I still do!). There is something so intimate and loving about purchasing goods from the person who crafted them, and knowing the profits will go to them.


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