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I love nature - Preserving our earth is important to me. If I’m not at my regular 9-5 or making pet beds, you’ll find me camping at an Ontario Park. I have given up single-use plastic, and try to live a zero waste lifestyle. I am still learning but enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, and love my reusable straw. I have also brought my passion of Zero waste into my businesses. Everything I have gets used into something else, like our scraps of fabric and thread get made into cat toys and doggy poop bags.


Hey! My name is Alicia Zofia and I am a self-taught artist specializing in watercolour painting. My style can be described as a unique combination of realism with an abstract sense of colour. Although I mainly paint with watercolours, I have an irrefutable passion for all things colourful and creative, and I love to play and experiment with all forms of artistic expression!

I only recently moved to Toronto and I feel so grateful that I was able to become involved with the NOOKS community this summer. I travel and move around a lot, so having the opportunity to connect with like-minded artists and artisans so quickly after relocating to a new city has been amazing and inspiring. I have had a difficult time remaining sedentary up until this point in my life, and although a nomadic sort of lifestyle has served me well by stimulating new artistic inspiration and prompting me to focus more on self-development and self-love, I can’t stop dreaming of finally having a more permanent place to paint, create, and call home. Who knows, maybe Toronto is that place of my dreams!