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Marky Monday is known to fans as the new age Fred Penner, Mr. Dressup, and Mr. Rogers all combined in one.

Marky Monday is a children’s character created and performed by Mark William Pezzelato. Mark began working with children in 2001 as a professional drum and guitar teacher. Eventually his teaching evolved into creating songs and entertaining. By 2011 Mark was performing in festivals and private parties as Disney’s Mad Hatter, turning heads wherever he went with his unique approach, creating original songs on the spot to entertain audiences of all ages.


I'm Heidi-Marie, the founder of LuAna's Bookshelf. LuAna's Bookshelf is dedicated to raising money for schools all over the world by empowering children to help take control of their own education. I travel the world with and find poor schools in desperate need of funding. Together with the children of these schools, I create a storybook to sell and raise money for their school. No two books are the same. Every illustration within the book is a collaboration, each element drawn by different children from the school. The books also contain special elements relating to the specific country they were created in, and each book is printed both in English and the language of the children printed just below, allowing the reader to experience the many languages of this world. By being part of the creation of these books, the children feel that they are in control of their education and their future.