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Ten years ago I created my first designs, a line of hand knit, newborn hats based on fruit, vegetable and sports themes. The hats were a resounding success and as word-of-mouth spread so did demand. My designs now include knit baby accessories, tea cosies and women's felt hats. These are available at juried craft shows, specialty boutiques, online and now The Nooks Danforth!

I was reluctant at first to turn my knitting hobby into a business but finally decided to take it to the next level. I quit my day job, and after several years I now run my own business, Fresh Twist.


My “small business” began after this first year of art school. I created a body of work for a local summer craft show I’d been attending since childhood. I produced a range of craft items but primarily pen and ink watercolour drawings. Most of them featured girls and women (and dogs) facing away, communicating relationships between subjects with body language and subtle gestures in natural environments. The subject matter of my drawings appealed to the cottage show clientele, but this style also really made me happy, and that was clear in the paintings. The mood they conveyed was tangible and nostalgic. My first show went really well, and while I loved to produce at my own peaceful pace, I also loved seeing people admire my work, ask me questions and enjoy the space I created.