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As a young child, I always felt a special connection to nature. My childhood playground was the large forest/conservation area behind my home. As I got older, this connection has only become more and more intense. I would now consider environmentalism the single most important thing in my life. Taking care of the Earth truly affects every single decision I make. This is where Dirt & Divine comes in. For the last few years, I had envisioned an eco-conscious collective where the importance of protecting and connecting with Mother Nature was emphasized. Then, after my trip to Yosemite National Park in June of 2017, my drive finally jump-started. I wanted to take the feeling I had while looking at the tall trees, the mountains, and over-flowing waterfalls home with me. This is how Dirt & Divine began.


So my name is Aieron Munro, and I am the founder/owner of we-gon-tawk apparel. This concept grew from a joke I had with my friends. Whenever we needed to talk, whether it be serious talk, joking, loud or soft exchanges, we would always say to each other, “WE GON TAWK”. I decided to turn this phrase into a platform for freedom of expression, for using one’s voice. I was inspired to use apparel to broadcast my message simply because everyone needs to wear clothes, so why not display a positive message on that clothing – one that is much needed in today’s world. My hope is that people will feel inspired to express themselves, to use their voices.  Our apparel is a reminder to do just that.