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My work is an extension of who I am. I am inspired by current fashion trends but try to take those trends from something that would only be worn on the runway to something that can be worn in everyday life and enjoyed for seasons to come. I appreciate and am influenced by a variety of fashion styles and that results in a variety for my customers and something for everyone. 


Hey! My name is Alicia Zofia and I am a self-taught artist specializing in watercolour painting. My style can be described as a unique combination of realism with an abstract sense of colour. Although I mainly paint with watercolours, I have an irrefutable passion for all things colourful and creative, and I love to play and experiment with all forms of artistic expression!

I only recently moved to Toronto and I feel so grateful that I was able to become involved with the NOOKS community this summer. I travel and move around a lot, so having the opportunity to connect with like-minded artists and artisans so quickly after relocating to a new city has been amazing and inspiring. I have had a difficult time remaining sedentary up until this point in my life, and although a nomadic sort of lifestyle has served me well by stimulating new artistic inspiration and prompting me to focus more on self-development and self-love, I can’t stop dreaming of finally having a more permanent place to paint, create, and call home. Who knows, maybe Toronto is that place of my dreams!


My passion for jewellery making has developed fairly recently. In 2007, I graduated from OCAD University in Toronto, Canada with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. After working full-time as an oil painter for nearly a decade, I was drawn to the idea of using my creativity in a new medium. Since I've always loved working with my hands, the tactile quality that jewellery making provides seemed like the perfect next step. This spoke true for me after completing Con Ed courses in Jewellery at George Brown College.