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#LoveLocal Maker Feature // Jo of Cedar & Vine

I don’t even remember how I got interested in becoming a maker. I feel as if it is just part of who I am. As far back as I can remember I was always conjuring up some little project. I was raised by the most wonderful, creative workaholics. My parents own a steel fabrication shop and being surrounded by their mentality and atmosphere made me fall in love with the feeling of creating things and using that side of my brain to challenge myself. For me, sometimes what I love about it is not so much the creation of the product, it’s the creation of connections and bonds along the way with like-minded makers. Obviously I love the process too, but what good would the process or product be with no one to share it with?


Life got busy and my candle making plan went to the wayside. Life also decided to throw a curveball our way. My 23 year-old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2016 and had brain surgery.


A year ago, I would have described myself as shy and conservative but running my own business opened up facets of my personality that I wasn’t aware of.  I am creative and artistic…who knew?

My business commits itself to providing all-natural skincare made by me with simple, toxic free ingredients.